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Judaism, Jewish Links

Judaism, Jewish related links and online resources. Jewish holiday calendar links, Jewish prayer resources, Judaism historical information and more.

Jewish Communities

  • Centro Cultural Hebreo - Jewish Cultural Center in San Jose, Costa Rica offering classes, workshops and activities to showcase Jewish culture and open it to the general public. It also organizes trips to Costa Rica for student groups and families in a Jewish environment, including kosher food and Shabat observance.
  • Iraqi Jews - Information about the Jews who who left Baghdad during the 1960's and 1970's and who are now dispersed all over the world.
  • Jewish Communities of the World - Links to Harry Leichter's Jewish communities of the world.
  • Jewish India - Mean The Jewish community in India is introduced through publications, programs, pictures, trips, and personal experiences of Rahel Musleah, born into a Calcutta Jewish family that traces its roots to 17th century Baghdad.
  • Jewish Toronto - Information on the organizations, people, places and events of this exciting community. 'Jewish Toronto' is a UJA Federation of greater Toronto service.
  • The Jews of Cuba - The Jews of Cuba, those few who remained after Castro took power, are able to worship openly again after almost three decades of religious restriction.
  • Nachal Novea Mekor Chochma - Torah community in the Holy City of Tsfat, the mystical capital of the world, established and dedicated to revealing the light of Rebbe Nachman's spiritual pathway.
  • Nikolaev Jewish Culture Community - All about Jewish life in Nikolaev, people search, gallery of the city, weather
  • Northeast Queens Jewish Community Council - An association of 22 synagogues and other religious, education, fraternal and community organizations.

Judaism Online Resources

  • BBC Online: Judaism - Review of the religion, its ethics and history.
  • Jewish Community Online - Web presence of the Jewish community on America Online.
  • Judaic Messianism - An explanation of the true Jewish concept of the Messiah and the differences between Jewish and Christian beliefs about the nature of the Savior.
  • Online audio torah classes - Online audio Torah classes. The classes are in depth with multiple commentaries. The classes discuss the simple meaning of the Torah to the mystical kabalistic aspects.
  • Sephardic - Resources for information about the history and the heritage of Sephardic Jews.
  • - Hebrew texts of daily tefillos.
  • - Includes Famous Jews Interactive and the Peace Encyclopedia.

Judaism Mysticism

  • The Art of Kabbalah - Contemporary Kabbalah in the Toledano Tradition, featuring astrology, classical kabbalah, philosophy and news.
  • Bnei Baruch Media Archive - Recordings of Kabbalah lessons taught daily at Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Yeshiva, videos, book of Zohar and books by Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (Baal Sulam) and Rabbi Baruch Ashlag (RABASH). Largest collection of media (mp3, asf, pdf) Kabbalah materials on the Internet. Updated daily.
  • Breslov Center for Spirituality and Inner Growth - Features instruction in Hisbodedus -- Rabbi Nachman's path of meditation and secluded prayer, announcements of classes and events in the greater New York area, links and connections to Breslov resources all over the world, translations, essays, tapes, community notices and Chassidic music.
  • Erev Moshiach -- Eve of Redemption - This website contains the statements of a young Jewish child who reveals a clear vision of the messianic redemption.
  • Fiftieth Gate Publications - Classes and books on Kabbalah.
  • Food for the Soul - Free Interactive Database - Certified by RAV Michael Laitman of Bnei Baruch
  • Isralight - Rabbi David Aaron, author of Endless Light and Seeing God, heads up the Isralight Organization, providing spiritual retreats in Jerusalem, New York City, South Florida and Los Angeles.
  • Jewish Healing - Learn about authentic Jewish healing systems that integrates Jewish spirituality with medicine. Based on classical sources as found in Kabbalah, Chassidut and Rambam.
  • The Jewish Learning Institute - Offers Jews of all backgrounds interested in learning more about Judaism access to Kabbalah, mysticism,and history. Courses are offered in over fifty cities worldwide.
  • Jewish Link - Provides information on Jewish healing and spirituality from both traditional and mystical sources.
  • Jewish Magazine - Monthly independent Jewish resource guide with articles on Israel, Zionism and Jewish mysticism.
  • Jewish Mysticism - Kabbalah presented through topics and responses from the basic texts with quotations from three contemporary writers.
  • Jewish Mysticism in Talmudic Era: Outline - Eleazar Segal's course outline of the vision of the Chariot(Maaseh Merkavah)found in Ezekiel and Isaiah with talmudic commentary.
  • Jewish Spirit Online - Featuring the "Jewish Spirit Journal" and the writings of Yitzhak Buxbaum, who received s'micha (authorization) as a maggid (teacher and storyteller) from the legendary Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.
  • The Kabala Location - A site containing basic explanation about the Kabala, links and a free downloadable Windows-based program.
  • Kaballah and Jewish Meditation - Rabbi Ariel Bar Zadok offers in-depth teachings in the Kaballah and Jewish meditation.
  • Kabbala - Subscription to Kabala words of wisdom.
  • Kabbala Online - A repository of authentic Jewish Kabbala. Essays, translations and history enhanced by commentary and pop-up glosses, Send-a-Prayer to holy sites in Israel, and Ask the Kabbalist. Sponsored by Ascent-of-Safed.
  • Kabbalah: Age-Old Wisdom for a New Era - Information on history and doctrines of Jewish mysticism, featuring questions and answers, audio classes, and essays.
  • The Kabbalah Connection - Resources and information about Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah, with excerpts from books by Rabbi Chaim Dalfin Ph.D. Includes a list of audio tapes, and a discussion group.
  • Kabbalah Links - Various links on this subject.
  • Kabbalah Online - Rabbi Markel's Kabbalah and Chassidic stories, articles and philosophic discussions.
  • Kabbalah Simply Stated - You can start a Kabbalah Study Group in your area through The International Kabbalah Association. Bob Waxman, co-founder, offers (9) Kabbalah classes in South Florida and is the author of "Kabbalah Simply Stated" published by Paragon books.
  • Kabbalah Society - Articles on the Toledano tradition of the Kabbalah in English and Spanish.
  • Kabbalah World Center - Lessons, information, and music broadcast, FAQ, and forums in 11 languages.
  • Kavanos Halev, Meditations of the Heart - A guide to Jewish meditations and practices geared to developing becoming a Tzaddik, a pious Jew in our generation. This sefer was written by Moshe.
  • KosherKooking Mystical-Spiritual Recipes...more - The preparation of a good meal can be a mystical-spiritual event as well as physically satisfying. Based on the biblical book of Daniel...good for your body and soul.
  • Laibl Wolf's Website - Kabbalah-based meditation, as taught by Laibl Wolf, founder and director of the Human Development Institute; includes books,lecture tapes and schedule of seminars.
  • Maamorim of the Alter Rebbe - Online audio classes with simultaneous text of the Maamorim of the Alter Rebbe that contains Jewsih Mysticism and the Kabbalistic meanings of the Torah.
  • Modzitz - Modzitz is a famous Chassidic Rabbinic dynasty that is known for its music or Nigunnim, as well as for learning and Torah. The site has biographies of the rebbes and a selection of melodies.
  • New Kabbalah - Demonstrates the relevance of Jewish mysticism to contemporary theology, philosophy and psychology. Comparative studies on Kabbalah and Jung, Freud, Hegel, Derrida, Hinduism,Gnosticism, based on books, lectures and interviews by Sanford Drob, PhD.
  • Rabbeinu's Most Humble Abode - A tribute page to Reb Shlomo Carlebach, including his teachings, stories by and about him, pictures, samples of his music and links to groups (chevras) he founded.
  • Rabbi Pincus David HaKohen Rachlin - In a bi-lingual website, Rabbi Rachlin provides advice and guidelines for a person's efforts in spiritual self-development.
  • SPIRAL - Kabbalah for the 21st Century - New millenium, mystical interpretations of the Torah.
  • There is One - Jewish enlightenment. The spiritual mystery of mysteries explained. Flash demonstrations and talks on Jewish mysticism from the Old City of Jerusalem.
  • Thoughts on Torah - Philosophy and Kabbalah; commentary on Tefilah and Tanach.
  • Tomer Devorah: The Palm Tree of Deborah by Moses Cordovero - Written by the great kabbalist, Rabbi Moses Cordovero, of Safed, Tomer Devorah is devoted to the doctrine of the Imitation of God, as a path in spiritual enlightenment and service.
  • Tree of Life - A pictorial reference to the Tree of Life, with information on each of the Sephiroth.
  • True Kabbalah - A translation and running commentary of The Gate of Unity ("The Key" to Chassidus and Kabbalah and Hisbonenus-meditation), Q&A, as well as a wealth of other Kabbalistic articles, stories, and works.
  • Welcome to Rabbi David Aaron . Com - Seeking answers to mystical questions? Rabbi David Aaron is an expert in the of Kabbalah, Spirituality, Jewish Mysticism and God. Explore the inner workings of the mind, heart and soul with his Sparks of Inspiration.
  • - The wisdom of kabbalah according to Rabbi Michael Laitman, of the Bnei Baruch School. Introduction in English and Spanish.
  • Yiddishkeit: Torah Torah Torah - Deals with The Redemption of the Jewish People and the coming of Moshiach, from Jewish sources. Extensive Torah library, including texts, audio and video.

Jewish Holiday Links

The holidays always occur on the Jewish calendar only. There are a number of festival days, fast days and days of remembrance, collectively known as "Jewish holidays" in English, ("Yamim Tovim" or "chagim" in Hebrew).

Jewish Calendar Links

  • The Abib Calendar - The Ancient Hebrew Calendar with the original Sabbath placement according to Almighty God's instructions given to Moses for the Israelite Nation, around the year 1500 BCE, commencing at the Exodus from Egypt.
  • BAYT Hebrew Calendar - Monthly calendar generated as a web page, including Hebrew dates, Jewish holidays, and parsha readings. Also includes C++ source code (open source).
  • Calendar Maven - Complete information about "Hebrew Calendar" software products, including "Hebrew Calendar for Windows" and "Hebrew Calendar Date Converter ActiveX Control." Evaluation copies available for download.
  • Hebcal Interactive Jewish Calendar - Interactive web interface for generating a list of Jewish dates and times customized to zip codes, converting between Hebrew and Gregorian dates.
  • Hebcal Jewish Calendar - Complete Hebrew calendar program for Unix and Windows. Candlelighting times, holidays, Omer counts, and Torah readings. C and Perl source code available, as well as a Windows executable and links to Web versions of the software.
  • Hebrew Calendar Science and Myths - A collection of resources concerning the calculation of the Hebrew calendar.
  • Hebrew/English Calendar with Candle Lighting Times - Perpetual calendar for thousands of locations world-wide.
  • Jewish Calendar - Hebrew Calendar - Explains the relationship between the Hebrew civil calendar and Hebrew religious calendar and describes the history of the Hebrew month names.
  • Jewish Calendar on the Web - Converts dates between Jewish and civil calendars; displays monthly calendars and candlelighting times for different geographical location.
  • Jewish Holidays - Dates of all major and minor Jewish holidays and fast days, with explanations, observances, and links to other articles of interest. From the OU.
  • Jewish/Civil Calendar Program - Interactive Web program that prints out Jewish and Civil calendars side-by-side. Does not list holidays in either calendar. Source code available.
  • Kaluach - Hebrew and english calendar for Windows. Displays a Hebrew or civil month with holidays, Shabbat portions, and halachic times. User data can be added.
  • - Online Hebrew civil calendar portal. Also receive email reminders of holidays and personal events.
  • This Month in Jewish History - List of notable events in Jewish history, organized according to Gregorian calendar dates.

Judaism, Online Jewish Learning Resources

  • Project Genesis - Disseminates traditional Torah learning by sponsoring a number of online classes and discussion groups, many of which require no previous educational background. Most classes are archived. There are links to other Torah-learning resources.
  • The Virtual Beit Midrash - Torah Web Yeshiva - Collection of weekly e-mail classes in Torah and Judaism, for beginner and advanced levels. Areas include Tanakh (Bible), philosophy, law, and Talmud. There is also an extensive archive of articles on various topics, daily short messages, and holiday journals. Level: Most classes are based on active study on the part of students.
  • Akhlah: The Jewish Children's Learning Network - Learn the Aleph Bet and the Hebrew Phrase of the Day with Streaming Audio, Full Torah Parsha for Children, Torah Heroes just for Jewish kids.
  • All Jewish Torah Discussion Board - Share your torah ideas with others on our jewish message discussion board. What better way to use your time online by talking torah and discussion judaism with others.
  • Being Jewish - Very extensive archive of answers to basic questions on Judaism, help in exploring observance and understanding Jewish practices.
  • BlueThread - "A neutral space to study the Torah, Mitzvot and their meaning to Reform Jews", searching for a common thread of knowledge, belief and practice that can be agreed upon and used to unify Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jews. The site provides resources to beginning students of Biblical Hebrew and Torah.
  • Daat - A major resource of curriculum and teaching material on most areas of Jewish study, arranged by topic. Language: HEBREW
  • Darche Noam Institutions, Jerusalem - A Jewish learning resource from Yeshivat Darche Noam. Includes short audios on Parshat Shavua, online class on Middot - Character in Judaism, Business Ethics.
  • Fathom Jewish Studies Learning Center - A collection of online courses, free seminars, articles, features and lectures by leading experts from the Fathom learning consortium, including Columbia University, the Jewish Theological Seminary, The New York Public Library and the University of Michigan.
  • Hebrew College Online - Courses for credit or non-credit conducted via web and e-mail.
  • Jewish Interactive Studies - Online courses for Jewish adults of all educational backgrounds and affiliations, who seek a mature understanding of Judaism and Jewish perspectives on life. Fifteen structured courses cover Jewish ethics, foundations of Judaism, Jewish holidays, and Torah/Bible studies. Most courses are free; some have a nominal fee. Registration required.
  • Jewish Online studies, Torah, Kabbalah, Talmud, Laws - Online step by step guided courses, based on translated and annotated texts, including Torah, Talmud, Halacha, Kabbalistic thought, Musar.
  • Jewish Torah Audio - Collection of RealAudio tapes of Torah classes and instructional music, in English and Hebrew, from dozens of speakers. Also has RealPlayer videos. The quality of the tapes varies, which is usually indicated before download.
  • Jewish University in Cyberspace (J.U.I.C.E.) - Text-based lectures and discussion with University professors on a range of contemporary and traditional topics, including past archives.
  • JewishPath: Cyberspace Learning - Jewish and Torah Learning, Weekly Parsha, Gematria, Hebrew Yiddish Glossary, Mysticism, Responses to other Religions, Divorce, Intermarriage Conflict, Self Improvement blended with stories and humor.
  • JIS Educators - JIS Educators offers BJE (Board of Jewish Education) accredited on-line courses to Jewish educators in relevant Jewish topics that stress personalized attention and in-depth classical sources.
  • Judaism For Today - Aish HaTorah - Aish HaTorah is an international network of Jewish educational centers. Our classes assume little or no Jewish background, and have achieved a worldwide reputation for making Judaism exciting, relevant and user-friendly.
  • Kitah Babayit Hebrew Home School - Hebrew Home School curriculum for Hebrew language, Basic Judaism and Bar/Bat Mitzvah training customized to individual learning needs for youth and adults.
  • The Kodesh Channel - Live Torah lessons from Kabbalah to Rashi.
  • learn@jts - Offers courses, children's materials, essays, exhibits, music, and more, from the Jewish Theological Seminary.
  • Mesora - Torah elucidation - Dedicated to Scriptural and Rabbinic Verification of Jewish beliefs and practices.
  • The Museum of the Bais Hamikdash - A virtual tour of the Bais Hamikdash with photographs, illustrations, and detailed explanations.
  • Ohr Somayach International - Regular columns on Torah, Talmud, Jewish living, and the state of Israel.
  • Rabbi Justin Jaron Lewis - Liberal rabbi, serving Congregation Iyr HaMelech of Kingston, Ontario. Links to Rabbi Lewis' on-line courses on Zohar (Kabbalah) and Jewish texts; study texts with e-mail link for questions.
  • RosettaStone Hebrew Tutoring Software - A free application to tutor the Hebrew language, with its own integrated set of language lessons.
  • Sephardic Torah Center - RealAudio classes on Tanach, Mishna, ethics, halacha, and contemporary Torah thought by Rabbi Mansour, and other Sephardic Rabbis. Weekly Torah mailing lists.
  • Shema Yisrael Torah Network
  • Shofar Reference - The site tells the history, practical techniques and Jewish law of sounding the Shofar.
  • Surf A Little Torah - SALT provides a new short 5 minute dvarTorah every day, onscreen.
  • Talmud Torah - Basic Jewish Education - Includes essays on various mitzvos (commandments), prayers, and philosophical concepts, plus a collection of biographies of prominent Jewish leaders. Also a Torah chat room, and questions answered.
  • Think Jewish International - An extensive assortment of online (real audio) courses, including studies of the talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
  • Torah Net - Offers classes in English, Hebrew and French.
  • Torah Video - Hundreds of hours of Jewish learning in streaming video.
  • TorahToday - One minute daily Torah message, sent as streaming audio, to you mailbox.
  • - An archive of original weekly divrei Torah written by the world-renowned Rabbis of Yeshiva University. (Weekly posting began February, 1999)
  • Yakov Newman - Limud B'Havruta - Pursuing learning partnerships through on-line and in-person discussion groups. Intellectual and/or spiritual conversation on a variety of topics, with special emphasis on Torah, Tanach, Talmud and Halacha.
  • Yeshiva Online - A Yeshiva dedicated to teaching children who can't find Jewish education in their home town. Catering to tzirai shluchim and homebound children
  • Yeshivat Beit El - Torah lessons, on Gemara, Parshat Shavua, holidays, Emuna.
  • - Collection of torah resources on the web including; gemara, kabbalah, sichos of the Lubavitcher rebbe and basic Judaism.


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